Gerard Cosmetics Eternal Eyeliner Noir | Review

I have been impressed by Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks and it was time I checked up on their liquid eyeliner. It is my second eye product from Gerard Cosmetics after widely accepted Brow Bar To Go This eyeliner has already been so hyped and liked by most who used it.

Price – $17


Packaging – The eyeliner comes in a standard sleep black packaging which I love. The applicator is so sleek and precise to give a good hold for application.


Review – I love my eyeliners to be intense and dark. And this is what Gerard Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner is about; its really pigmented and intense. It applies smoothly with a glossy finish upon drying. This eyeliner is really very dark which I love about it. It does not fade or wipe away easily. I highly recommend you getting this eyeliner as this is the most powerful and stay-on-place eyeliner I have used so far.

Apart from buying it from Gerard Cosmetics official website, you can also buy it from HERE.

Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar To Go – Review, Photos

Gerard Cosmetics is a brand that has taken over the international cosmetics market by storm. Gerard Cosmetics is a very good brand quality wise but sadly it is not available in India. If you want to buy Gerard Cosmetics, you have to buy it from their official website. Gerard Cosmetics generally have great discounts and free international shipping on various special occasion like Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales.

Price – $28

Available at GerardCosmetics & HERE in India.

Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar To Go is a hit product from their line which is highly promoted on social media by various professional makeup artists all across the globe. Brow Bar To Go comes in a palette of three round containers with two very pigmented shades and one with the brow wax. The brow bar comes in two shades – and Medium To Ebony. Today, I am reviewing the darker shade, Medium To Ebony. As you all know brows were the focal point in 2016 and they are not going anywhere any soon. Thick, dark, well defined eyebrows are not only appealing but also the most important feature to define the face.

The two shades in Medium to Ebony are pigmented and dark. They will work best for brown to black colour of eyebrows. The quality of these powders is very fine and smooth. They do not feel like powder or ash. The best part is the clear wax that makes it easy for the two powder colours to stick to the eyebrows easily. The wax keeps the eyebrows intact and in shape, thus defining them ever more precisely.

The brush that comes along the brow bar is of super fine quality. It is made of soft hair and works great with a light hand to build the product on the brows as per requirement.  I completely like this product and it is definitely worth the hype.  It is one of the best eyebrow palette which is great in quality and super affordable at the same time. I recommend buying this to complete your makeup collection.