Remington Hair Straightener ~ Review

Hey guys!

This is my second straightener from Remington as well as my second ever to be purchased. I have been using my previous Remington straightener for past ten years; I bought it in the year 2006, during my high school. The previous one is still the same except that it does not have ceramic plates and was made with wet-to-straight technology but I rarely used it on damp hair as I believe using heat on damp hair will further increase hair damage. My straightener is still in very good condition but I wanted to buy a new one with ceramic plates so I picked up another one from Remington which is partly purple in colour.

Remington has some really amazing hair tools which work great and are affordable too. I ordered mine from US, a friend of my husband got it for me. It was half the rate for what it was being sold in India on various online shopping sites. I was so glad I did not buy it here. For the price it was being sold here, I picked up a curling rod as well. The straightener has wide ceramic plates with a swivel cord which are basic features nowadays in most of the hair tools especially hair straighteners. The heat settings are lowest to 410 degrees being the highest. I really like this straightener, it does its job so well. This straightener is about two inches broad, I would have preferred a thinner one. Had it been half the broad it is now, it would give more grip to work even better. It is a personal choice and I like mine to be only an inch wider because that ways it’s easier to work on shorter baby hair and around the areas close to face. I still believe this straightener is awesome in quality; It works like a pro salon tool and would not recommend buying an expensive one when a reasonable one can do such a great job.

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