The Reason I Blog

The Reason I Blog

Blogging has evolved and become more famous than it has ever been before. Now people ‘literally’ understand what blogging is about and I think its a great thing. With the evolution of social media and digital marketing, we all spend quite a major part of our daily lives into them. Blogging is now done on social platforms like Instagram, you will easily find ‘Insta Bloggers’ blogging about home decor, street style fashion, makeup etc. I cannot say if its good or bad; we are not here to judge, right! But it is definitely here to stay, it is basically a revolution. Its a ‘new age’ thing. A new kind of a life-style; a generation change.

Coming to the topic why I blog

I have always been a creative person since I was a child. I know its very cliche to say that but this is how it is. My brain has always picked out different and artistic things around me. My attention would always be on creative, unconventional, bright & colourful things. Art, Makeup, Interior design, dresses, shoes, cute lil things, even topics like philosophy & psychology would always grab my attention. For all these reasons I would like to call myself a ‘feminine’ creative.

Blogging gives me an outlet where I can share what I can’t otherwise! It is a exciting social platform for me that helps me grow as a person. I feel a sense of relief to share my thoughts here with you guys. I am sure most creative people out there will understand what I am trying to say. I am my own person. And when I say that I mean I have always followed my heart over my head, you know what I mean. I have always picked out majority of the things I always wanted to do in life.

I am an English graduate and my inclination towards writing is pretty old. I do not really like to ‘type’ things in my phone’s Notepad. Instead, I write them – on sticky notes, my journal, dairy even on A4 sheets. I am a hardcore writer, i simply love to write – not exams though! 😀 Blogging sums up my combination of thoughts and perception into writing. Showcasing what I think about something, my reasons behind it.

Let me tell you guys an interesting fact, this is my third attempt at blogging. At first I wrote for others, got bored, dropped it. Secondly, I created my own blog, due to other commitments and lack of seriousness, it went into the drain as well. But this time, I am much more aware of why I want to blog. My conscious of this powerful tool is more awakening than it has been previously.

Blogging is my hobby, it fulfils my need of expressing myself; Being my self. I will keep writing as long as I feel like doing so… Do let me know in the comments section below or on my Instagram what would you like to see me blog more often about! 🙂

I will update this post whenever I get more insight of why I blog! 🙂 



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