My Engagement Story | Indian Bride Series

My Engagement Story | Indian Bride Series

Hey guys,

This is my first post in the Indian Bride Series which will cover my wedding story from engagement till honeymoon! I will cover most of my wedding related stuff in these posts. How, When, What happened will be answered.

So to begin with I will start off with my engagement story aka Ring Ceremony.

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We chose 25th of March, 2016 for our engagement day. I live in Delhi for those of you don’t know, the weather in March is usually good, it’s the offset of winters. Even though it was end of March, it felt nice and the weather behaved. We chose to celebrate our day during the night, so it was an evening event which is usually typical in India.

I chose to wear a Red Gown (also HERE) whereas my husband (the then fiancé, lol) wore a traditional band gala in Emerald Green. I think green looks great with red and our outfits complemented each other. They were neither very traditional Indian nor too western. I wanted to wear a gown but not like a prom or a Barbie gown 😀 I wanted to keep it simple yet vibrant. Our outfits were custom made and the entire look was incorporated by us only. I also chose to do my own hair & makeup.

It was such an exciting and exhilarating experience to be committed to someone for life in front of so many people. It is such a unique feeling when you are the centre of attraction for the night. It was a very happy and surreal feeling for me. Getting ready for the occasion and seeing my then would-be husband in the engagement clothes was just so different. I can recall the feeling right now itself while writing this post. I never knew until it happened how special this day must be for those of all who have experienced it. It sets a beginning for more and much bigger functions to come along the way.

Scroll down below for more picture of our special day! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did my engagement. More related posts will be coming up soon, so watch out this space for more!

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