Kryolan Blushes | Review

Kryolan Blushes | Review

A blush is one of the my most favourite makeup products. A highly pigmented, finely milled blush is all what I need on my “keeping it natural” days.

is a professional brand and generally used for photography or professional makeup looks. In India, it is widely used by makeup artists for various occasions, you can buy it here. I like Kryolan for the same reason and also that it is quite inexpensive. It’s a very good brand in terms of quality.

Price -₹450
The shades I got are –

  1. SM – It is a deep pink shade.
  2. T1 – It is a bright orange colour.

Both of these blushes are highly pigmented and very intense in colour. A slight dab on the brush is enough to apply for the blush effect! And you can’t go wrong with such a quality product  for just ₹450.

I recommend these blushes for anyone who is on a budget and wants a very high quality product.


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