I did my Wedding Makeup! | Indian Bride Series

I did my Wedding Makeup! | Indian Bride Series

Being a bride is a beautiful feeling, its a special occasion and you want to look your best. Being a bride can be pretty stressful too. Excitement, anxiety, nervousness all together take a toll on you. The whole feeling is a bit overwhelming but one of a kind and very special. The duties of the bride before a few days of the wedding can be pretty tiresome; from keeping together the bridal dress and accessories; sandals and clutch, makeup, getting nails & mehendi done, those last minute facials and hair spas.. urgh there's a lot that goes in a bride's head along with those 'butterflies' in the stomach.

And there was me who took up the challenge of doing my own bridal makeup. Well, I called it a challenge because the whole atmosphere and the mixed feelings can sometimes not let you keep your calm to take up such a demanding and time consuming task. Everything seems so hush-hush; I started to question myself like "I hope I don't get late", "Will I be able to do it just fine?", "What if I have forgotten something to bring along that I wanted to wear – my eyelashes, my Chura, or that lipstick?"  I'll be honest these thoughts were scaring me, lol! But as always, I tried to keep my calm and sink in the feeling.

You must be wondering why I didn't hire a professional for getting ready on such an important day? Well, here is my answer – I don't trust others with makeup on myself. Period. I am so used to doing my own makeup that I could not gather the courage to get it done by someone else.

Though, I did hire a hair stylist for doing my hair (bun) which clearly I could not do as neatly as they did. Also because it was not a regular bun, it was a Indian wedding style bun that we don't really wear ever except that one time. lol!

I wanted to be myself and keep my makeup as typical of me as I could. I didn't want that over the top bold look neither did I want very soft, neutral makeup as it wouldn't look great at night or with my dress. Since my lehenga was pretty bright, I wanted to just accentuate my eyes and lips without looking too gawdy! 

So I hope you enjoy my makeup on my wedding day!  

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