My Favourite Budget AMAZON Finds – HOME DECOR

My Favourite Budget AMAZON Finds – HOME DECOR

If you follow me on my Instagram, you would know that most of my shopping is generally online. I am a very thoughtful shopper and like to search for my shopping list at various websites before making a deal. Although I have a few favourite in-store shopping places as well, but who got the time for that, ya?

Lately, I have been shopping by getting inspired by pictures on Instagram, Pinterest and google in general. I like to decorate my house with fancy, dainty items. It has been really difficult for me to find the decor items I wanted in stores here in India. Thus, I search quite thoroughly for what I am looking for. There are various online shopping websites that have hooked me to them but Amazon has been the best so far.

Below are a few products I found for myself which are not only good quality but are very budget-friendly. I could not believe how such affordable items can transform the whole home decorations. Let me share a few favourites with you from my personal Amazon finds.


JBL Go Portable Bluetooth Speakers (TEAL)

₹2,099 – Amazon HERE

Compact, Wireless, Light speakers are very handy to be used on the go. My husband bought this one for me for times when we watch a movie on laptop or iPad and the volume is just not enough for us. Its so easy to connect to the Bluetooth and turn it up for a better sound quality experience. I really like the quality of this speaker and it is available in a few different colours as well – Blue, Black, Red & Orange.

Wood LED 6” Marquee Letter

₹1,240 – Amazon HERE

Oh! I love this whole new trend of having an alphabet marquee with LED lights glowing the initial of your name. I see such images on Instagram & Pinterest all the time. I wanted to own one for the longest time and finally found it on Amazon. It is of really good quality and operates with standard two battery cells. They come in all 26 alphabets of English letter and a few other shapes like Hashtag, Heart etc.

Golden Goose Feathers

₹335 – Amazon HERE

The reason why I bought these was because since I take a lot of pictures for my blog, its essential to decorate them as well with delicate accents. I like to purchase such beautifying props to add in that edgy look to my images. They can also be used for other crafts purposes and they come in different colours as well as glitters.

Faux Succulent Plant

₹325 – Amazon HERE

Succulent Plants are everywhere. They are indoor plants and great for decorative purpose. Although, I had a hard time finding a good quality succulent in India but I found it nonetheless. All thanks to Amazon! Succulents come in various shapes and sizes but a tiny one with this particular style is my favourite.

Bird Cage Tea Light Holder

₹399 – Amazon HERE

You might have already seen such bird cages or also known as the tea light holders either online or in store. They are easily available in India but I bought mine online. My home decor theme is white and gold so I bought mine in my preferred colour for decorative items. They are great accent piece and you can also fill it up with flowers overflowing the cage bars.

Rust Oleum Gold Spray Paint

₹630 – Amazon HERE

Guys, this product is a magic spray. As I told you I love gold painted items, its not as easy to find them that easily. For that matter I use this spray paint. This spray paint can transform anything into a very glossy, pretty golden colour. This is the best gold spray I have come across so far.



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