Beauty Resolutions for New Year 2017

Beauty Resolutions for New Year 2017

First of all, a very Happy New Year to y’all! 🙂 Everyone makes new resolutions for a New Year, like every year! Even though I do not like the term ‘resolution’ as this word puts immense pressure on me than inspiring me. Lets call it ‘Habits‘; new habits for a new year. Habits sound easy and something that can be formed. I have made a list of few beauty related habits that I want to form in the year 2017 for keeping my skin better and healthy.


  • Eating Healthy Food – The main cause of a healthy skin is healthy eating habits. If you eat good food, it shows on the skin. I am going to avoid eating oily, spicy and junk food to safeguard my already oily/acne prone skin. No more caffeine and aerated drinks.. ummm.. a few are allowed!


  • Never sleep with makeup on – Highly ignored but one of the main causes of skin damage. A lot of us do not realise that an 8 hour sleep with makeup on your face can ruin your skin with breakouts and pores blockage. Removing makeup with just wipes is not enough, go wash this beautiful face!


  • Sleep well – Yes, as cliche it may sound but a sound sleep of at least 8 hours does wonders to your skin especially the eye area. I am sure none of us want baggy eyes and dark circle around our eyes, do we? So girls, take your beauty sleep!


  • Drink water – Dehydrated skin looks dull and sick, in fact makeup does not even stay put. Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated, not just face but whole body skin.


  • Stress more on skin care products than makeup – A lot of us use makeup on daily basis that can damage our skin but we do not care much to repair it afterwards. A good skin care regimen should be included in our daily routine to keep your skin nourished and maintained. A lack of skin care especially face can lead to early ageing, dark spots and pigmentation.


  • Stay happy – Last but not the least staying happy is as important as staying healthy. Remember, those who feel good from inside automatically reflect outside. Scientifically also stress, anger and sadness secrete hormones that are harmful to skin. We want more of happy and healthy hormones to keep our a clean and glowing skin! 🙂
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