Beach Surfing at Havelock & Neil Islands | Andaman Islands

Beach Surfing at Havelock & Neil Islands | Andaman Islands

After our first day at Port Blair, we headed towards the main tourist islands in Andamans. These islands are known for their white sands and numerous water sports like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sea Walk, Jet Ski, Speed Boat, Banana Boats etc. Our first destination was Havelock Island which is about an hour and a half away from Port Blair in a ferry.

We took Makaruzz Gold which is a private ferry; there are government run ferries as well but you can differentiate comfort with the names 😉 Private ferries tickets cost twice to thrice the price of government run. Upon arrival at Havelock island, our resort was just 10 minutes away from the jetty. The resort was beautiful; sea facing with a private beach.

These islands are relatively small and people generally hire scooty to explore around the island, visit beaches and restaurants. We did too! We hired a scooty for a day for about ₹600. Oh! talking about restaurant, they are really very tiny dhaba style but the food is simply amazing. The menu is vast from South Indian cusine to North Indian, sea food and Isreali food. And yes, its affordable too. As you read in my first post about the internet problems, to my surprise these small restaurants were offering complementary Wi-Fi (faster than hotel), isn’t that a surprise? I think the restaurant deal was the best – good food + good internet = good mood 😀


We spent two nights at Havelock island and we, especially my husband loved it, he had a hard time letting off that ‘scooty’. He was enjoying being able to explore the island with all freedom and hassle-free journey by not waiting for cabs or autos to take us anywhere.

Our next stop and last destination was Neil Island for which we again took a Makruzz ferry for about half an hour to forty minutes. Neil Island is even smaller. Its a tiny island with tourists coming for only a day generally. We covered all the activities in a day itself and it was more than enough. We did snorkelling and this was my or rather say first time doing it and none of us is a swimmer. Imagine being dumped into the middle of an ocean with snorkelling equipments with a boat rider who is basically a stranger, dude! I had some serious trust issues. But once we were in the water, it was fun, literally. I and my husband were peeking at each other beneath water.. hehe. It was fun though, we really wanted to do scuba diving which costs Rs. 3500 per person in which you get a 30 minutes under water experience with two instructors along with pictures & videos and a certification of your participation. Isn’t that cute? A memoir of our visit. You can check them out below.





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