5 Good and Not-so-good things about Andaman Islands!

5 Good and Not-so-good things about Andaman Islands!

Enough of my tales of what we did in Andamans, I thought to pen down a list of Good & Not-so-Good things about Andaman Islands that we generally do not find from people’s experience. We tend to always talk about the beauty, weather, basically trip related things and often forget to know about REAL deals about a destination. So here are my thoughts. Lets begin with the GOOD 🙂

  1. Andaman Islands is a beautiful group of islands with very beautiful clean beaches, great for holidays especially honeymoons and romantic getaways. Majority of tourists were couples, half of them being newly married.
  2. Hub for most water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walk, speed boat rides, jet ski, glass bottom boats, banana rides etc.
  3. Zero to no fear of theft/loss of belongings. Andaman people are honest, helpful and very friendly. Also, this place has less traffic and people take traffic rules very seriously.
  4. to my biggest surprise, the food was really good; whether it is South Indian, North Indian or Sea food, its simply yumm… even at street restaurants.
  5. Andamans is an experience of a different world especially if you belong to busy cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. The islands are very calm and slow paced. Nobody disturbs anyone there. You get close to the nature and can barely miss the opportunity of listening to the sea waves, chirping of birds and the rain drops.

Well, now the Not-so-Good things

  1. Limited phone network connectivity. Mainly BSNL works in Andaman Islands. Airtel works too but its connectivity is very limited. Nope, no JIO there as yet, Sorry! 😀
  2. No internet/Wi-Fi in the hotel rooms. No to barely there access to the internet. The internet works only in the hotel lobby or may be a few restaurants outside; only if you are lucky!
  3. No five star brand hotels or resorts. Yes; they do have some great resorts but its a gamble based on luck to pick the right one just by seeing pictures through online booking. Thus, no good hotels as per the city standards.
  4. Monopoly of transportation especially on smaller islands.
  5. Connectivity problem. One can reach Andaman Islands only through flights and ferries that too only via Kolkatta or Chennai. No direct flight from Delhi.
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