Everyone makes new resolutions for a New Year, like every year! Even though I do not like the term ‘resolution’ as this word puts immense pressure on me than inspiring me. Lets call it ‘Habits‘; new habits for a new year. Habits sound easy and something that can be formed. I have made a list of few beauty related habits that I want to form in the year 2017 for keeping my skin better and healthy.


  • Eating Healthy Food – The main cause of a healthy skin is healthy eating habits. If you eat good food, it shows on the skin. I am going to avoid eating oily, spicy and junk food to safeguard my already oily/acne prone skin. No more caffeine and aerated drinks.. ummm.. a few are allowed!


  • Never sleep with makeup on – Highly ignored but one of the main causes of skin damage. A lot of us do not realise that an 8 hour sleep with makeup on your face can ruin your skin with breakouts and pores blockage. Removing makeup with just wipes is not enough, go wash this beautiful face!


  • Sleep well – Yes, as cliche it may sound but a sound sleep of at least 8 hours does wonders to your skin especially the eye area. I am sure none of us want baggy eyes and dark circle around our eyes, do we? So girls, take your beauty sleep!


  • Drink water – Dehydrated skin looks dull and sick, in fact makeup does not even stay put. Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated, not just face but whole body skin.


  • Stress more on skin care products than makeup – A lot of us use makeup on daily basis that can damage our skin but we do not care much to repair it afterwards. A good skin care regimen should be included in our daily routine to keep your skin nourished and maintained. A lack of skin care especially face can lead to early ageing, dark spots and pigmentation.


  • Stay happy – Last but not the least staying happy is as important as staying healthy. Remember, those who feel good from inside automatically reflect outside. Scientifically also stress, anger and sadness secrete hormones that are harmful to skin. We want more of happy and healthy hormones to keep our a clean and glowing skin! 🙂

Makeup Forever MAT VELVET + Foundation – Review, Photos

Amongst all variety of foundations available in market, I personally like the foundations that give full coverage and are matte. I have oily and acne prone skin which takes a long lasting matte full coverage foundation to cover my imperfections caused by acne. Today, I am reviewing Makeup For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation in shade 65. The foundation comes in a squeezable tube based tiny bottle. I felt the tube was quite small for a a full sized foundation on comparison with standard size of foundations.

Price – $36


The foundation claims to be –

  • Oil-Free
  • Water-Resistant
  • Matifying

The consistency of the foundation is quite thick, it is not runny at all. The foundation should be applied right away upon taking out of the bottle as it gets dried up quite easily. The foundation feels very smooth on application and can be built for full coverage. Just one layer will not be enough for those seeking a full coverage; single layer will give a light to medium coverage only. My skin feels great after applying it and it stays in place for good 6-7 hours which is great for oily and acne prone skin. I recommend setting the foundation with a loose powder or compact powder for prolong wear.


Though I am not sure about the foundation being water-resistant but for sure it does not melt or crease easily. This is one of the best foundations that I have used for acne/oily skin. I highly recommend this Makeup Forever foundation to anyone who is looking for a long lasting good foundation for problematic skin.

Hey guys!

This is my second straightener from Remington as well as my second ever to be purchased. I have been using my previous Remington straightener for past ten years; I bought it in the year 2006, during my high school. The previous one is still the same except that it does not have ceramic plates and was made with wet-to-straight technology but I rarely used it on damp hair as I believe using heat on damp hair will further increase hair damage. My straightener is still in very good condition but I wanted to buy a new one with ceramic plates so I picked up another one from Remington which is partly purple in colour.

Remington has some really amazing hair tools which work great and are affordable too. I ordered mine from US, a friend of my husband got it for me. It was half the rate for what it was being sold in India on various online shopping sites. I was so glad I did not buy it here. For the price it was being sold here, I picked up a curling rod as well. The straightener has wide ceramic plates with a swivel cord which are basic features nowadays in most of the hair tools especially hair straighteners. The heat settings are lowest to 410 degrees being the highest. I really like this straightener, it does its job so well. This straightener is about two inches broad, I would have preferred a thinner one. Had it been half the broad it is now, it would give more grip to work even better. It is a personal choice and I like mine to be only an inch wider because that ways it’s easier to work on shorter baby hair and around the areas close to face. I still believe this straightener is awesome in quality; It works like a pro salon tool and would not recommend buying an expensive one when a reasonable one can do such a great job.

Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar To Go – Review, Photos

Gerard Cosmetics is a brand that has taken over the international cosmetics market by storm. Gerard Cosmetics is a very good brand quality wise but sadly it is not available in India. If you want to buy Gerard Cosmetics, you have to buy it from their official website. Gerard Cosmetics generally have great discounts and free international shipping on various special occasion like Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales.

Price – $28

Available at GerardCosmetics & HERE in India.

Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar To Go is a hit product from their line which is highly promoted on social media by various professional makeup artists all across the globe. Brow Bar To Go comes in a palette of three round containers with two very pigmented shades and one with the brow wax. The brow bar comes in two shades – and Medium To Ebony. Today, I am reviewing the darker shade, Medium To Ebony. As you all know brows were the focal point in 2016 and they are not going anywhere any soon. Thick, dark, well defined eyebrows are not only appealing but also the most important feature to define the face.

The two shades in Medium to Ebony are pigmented and dark. They will work best for brown to black colour of eyebrows. The quality of these powders is very fine and smooth. They do not feel like powder or ash. The best part is the clear wax that makes it easy for the two powder colours to stick to the eyebrows easily. The wax keeps the eyebrows intact and in shape, thus defining them ever more precisely.

The brush that comes along the brow bar is of super fine quality. It is made of soft hair and works great with a light hand to build the product on the brows as per requirement.  I completely like this product and it is definitely worth the hype.  It is one of the best eyebrow palette which is great in quality and super affordable at the same time. I recommend buying this to complete your makeup collection.

H&M BB Cream & Foundation Brush ~ Review

H&M was on top of my shopping list on my Europe trip. H&M being quite an affordable and super stylish brand was the main factor I bought tons of things from it. Also, since it’s not available in India, it makes it even more tempting to shop off it only once in a while. I bought myself few makeup items and fragrances from its cosmetics section. I was looking for a foundation brush and this cute, little; stubby thing hanging in the H&M Paris attracted me towards it.

Price – Euro 5,95 / Rs. 480 (approx.)

Product Description by H&M –
Foundation brush with a round, soft cut surface specifically designed for applying BB creams and other foundations. The brush absorbs the foundation to produce even skin coverage.

The brush has a compact black handle and brown soft synthetic bristles. The brush handle is just long enough to give a good grip for use. The bristles are super soft and very densely packed. The brush is very sturdy yet very soft upon application. I love how they work on my skin; they give an airbrushed look to my foundations. They actually pat the foundation on my skin and I feel it blends really beautifully. The angled shape makes it easy to work under the eyes and around the nose.


To be honest, I really did not expect much from this brush while I was buying it considering H&M is not basically a makeup brand. But to my surprise, I have stopped using any other brush and this one has become my favorite for applying my BB cream, foundation and concealer.